Monday, October 20, 2014

On my way back home...

It was almost dark and drizzling. The dark clouds in the sky clearly depicted that there is going to be a heavy rain in a few more minutes. The continuous honking of the vehicles on the road made the situation still worse and created a feeling of urge to go home soon.

It was 5.30 in the evening and I came out to check if it is raining still because I need to go to my hostel which takes 15 minutes of walking. And now, the roads full of stagnant water would take another 10 minutes for me to get to my hostel. “Bullshit with this rain. When will it stop?” I was scolding myself while watching the cars standing still due to the heavy traffic.

“Definitely this time I am going to buy an umbrella on the way back to hostel” I assured myself and started walking.

I came out of the office half an hour before the usual time because I didn’t want to get wet in the rain. “So u are going early today?” Geetha asked me. “ Yes, Geetha. It’s already raining and I don’t have an umbrella. So I thought of starting earlier” I told her. “ You should always have one umbrella in your hand. You can never say when the climate will change. Better get one umbrella soon” she told me. Geetha who was in her early thirties looked very young in her slim physique and straightened hair.

“Bye, Shakthi!” she told me.

“Bye, Geetha, See you tomorrow” I told her and stepped out of the lift. Though she is one of my teammates, I rarely interact with her except for official talks and I don’t have a definite reason for that. Certain things don’t really need a reason and I feel this is one among those.

The traffic signal turned red and the people started to cross the roads on the pedestrian crossing. Myself along with two other guys crossed the road and reached the other end. I continued to walk while the other guys got into a share auto towards IT park(a place where you would find most of the IT guys).

I reminded myself that I should not forget to buy an umbrella this time and put my headset on.

After 5 minutes I stopped at the shop where I usually buy groceries because this is the only shop I knew well in this area where I thought I could enquire about buying umbrellas nearby.

And yes. This is me. I have been in that area for the past one year and the only two places I know there is my hostel and this shop.

“Surf Excel half Kg please”, a short and stout woman was asking the shopkeeper. She looked like she was in her mid forties and had a very big list of items written in her hand. As I went nearby I could see the list had about 40 to 45 items totally written in tamil. She was striking out one by one from the list as and when the shopkeeper takes them and puts them in her basket.

“10 eggs and that’s all. How much is the total amount?” she asked him. After giving the items she asked for, he calculated the total amount and gave the bill to her. “The bill amount is Rs.450, madam”, he said. I was wondering how come she managed to get all the items in her big list for just 450 rupees. As I was looking at her astonished, she kept all the things in her two bags which she must have brought from her home because I knew that this shopkeeper doesn’t have such huge carry bags with him. I saw her going past me carrying those two bags which actually comparing to her size  looked smaller.

“What do you want?” I was interrupted from my thoughts by the shopkeeper.

“Where can i get an umbrella nearby?” I asked the shopkeeper. I found the immediate change in his reaction when I mentioned about umbrella. He seemed to be not much interested with it and started giving roundabout answers. This happens with all the shopkeepers when you go to their shop and do not buy anything but ask questions.

“I am not much sure. I have heard there is one shop in the next street but that will be closed now because of rain. There is no use in going and seeing it. Maybe you can get in some shops 3kms from here” he sarcastically told me knowing that i would not dare travel 3kms in this climate and that too without an umbrella.

As I was talking to the shopkeeper, the rain was getting heavier which told my logical mind to reach hostel sooner before getting complete wet.

“Thank you “I told the shopkeeper and started to walk fast towards my hostel in the rain.

After 10 minutes, I reached my hostel completely drenched in the heavy rain.
"Awe!!!! you look pathetic!!!" I said to myself looking at the mirror.
And before I went to refresh I made up my mind that the first thing I would do next day morning is buying an umbrella...

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